9 novembre 2010


HD screening is awful. It's ugly! I can't sit anymore front of the screen because I see the pixels now. Too many people are telling me "I can't see the difference between classical screening and digital screening" well that's bad for you because you getting used to.

The digital subtitle are ugly, they're are white and too bright and you can see the pixels, it's so annoying. I missed the old ones. All white titles are ugly too and makes look the screening as a low resolution home screening: IT'S JUST LOOK CHEAP.

I'm so not convinced that 2k screening are the same as 35 mm and as all theatre in Paris are making the transition to digital it hitted me the other day when I saw a movie screning with a 35mm reel, I needed 2 sec to recognize it was an analogic screening and that it was beautiful and the quality is the same from the front of the screen to the back of the room.

Problem is: we already are getting used to HD Screening and we forget how 35mm look like. I think we just get screw by the industry who have been waiting for at least 10 year to sell theatres their crapy HD projectors. Until last year the market was resisting because the quality wasn't so great and the prices were too expensive. But fucking AVATAR came by and now it's a matter of money, with HD projector you can screen 3D movies and makes 40% more money in your theatre. So now they made us believe 3D is a revolution but excuse me Avatar was a bad movie, Alice in wonderland was very bad, Up or Toy Story in 3D was a useless experience.
So the finally made it: all cinemas are making transition to digital, waiting for 3D movies to be released to make more money and now screening are looking like giant television.

Do you know that before, all digital effects or credits were shoot on 35mm to make them look more beautiful, it's a classical process in laboratory to shoot digital stuff on 35mm reels to make them look better. And it's was a process specially for televion, to shoot a digital effect on reels before to broadcast it in video at the end. 35mm was giving a touch to flat images like a magical tool. But now it's all been throw away and we are served flat and bright images into big screen. I think it's a shame. They're gonna be a new aristocracy of filmbuff s aware who's going to go to theatre with 35mm screening.

And don't believe a word from evil Jeffrey Katzenberg, that's just lobying. But he's right to be excited because there is so much money expecting.

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