1 novembre 2010


That's the work of Larry Clark, his cinema work has been such a succes in term of teenagers realistic representations, it has become cult for a lot a people including me (Kids, Ken Park, Wassup Rockers). But he is a photographer first since 40 years, recording lost teenagers taking drugs, playing with guns, making sex.
Ok sex is a big part of teenager's life but all thoses pics with young boys showing their dicks to the photographer is so gross and make Larry cCark look like a pedophile, and it's extremely incomfortable too watch his work without feeling to be a peeping tom. And let's don't make a missunderstood here this is a not a denial from me to watch "teenagers reality".

For instance if you take BUTT Magazine wich is excatly the same images type, hairy young guys showing dicks off in black and white, the goal is here totally clear, proposing a new type of erotic male images far from usual ones.

Maybe the problem of the exhibition came that is putting all his work under the tought "teenagers life life needs to be showed" hiding the erotism of his work...

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